Deadlines and fees


Deadlines are extremely important when applying to a foreign university. Our advice is to apply at the first possibility not to miss any deadlines and possibilities and to get the entire paperwork ready on time.

The deadlines in the Dream Foundation system have been created with a few extra days left before the real deadline set by the institutions. The reason for this is to give us extra time to be able to process all the applications.  



After you submit the application, Dream Foundation will charge an application fee to cover the administrative costs. The fee can vary depending on your nationality.

EU/EEA (except for Latvia and Estonia**) application fee is 35 EUR per destination country (e.g. if you choose to apply to both Denmark and the Netherlands - your application fee will be 70 EUR).*

Non-EU application fee is calculated on individual basis. To find out more, please e-mail to:

You will receive an invoice after the application has been submitted and you will find the payment details there.

*When applying for universities and study programmes represented on this portal.

**For Estonian and Latvian fees please see respective country pages.

Please make sure to select the correct country or region when initiating your application. This ensures that the correct application fee is calculated.


For further information please contact your nearest Dream Foundation office. 


  • The fee covers all document handling costs. We will help you prepare all the necessary paperwork and we will send it to the institutions so you don't have to worry about all the details.
  • The application fee includes support and advice throughout the whole process.
  • Depending on the county there may also be some additional activities held that are included in the application fee, for example pre-departure meetings etc.

NB! All consultations prior to application are free of charge and we are always happy to help you in the choosing process. In addition Dream Foundation organises different study abroad events. If you feel that you would like to find out more about different study abroad possibilities, contact us! 

If you have already found some interesting programmes then just fill the application. After submitting the application the system will automatically issue you an invoice and meanwhile we will look through your data, check for any errors or problems and if needed give you feedback.