Deadlines and fees


Deadlines are extremely important when applying to a foreign university. Our advice is to apply at the first possibility not to miss any deadlines and possibilities and to get the entire paperwork ready on time.

The deadlines in the Dream Foundation system have been created with a few extra days left before the real deadline set by the institutions. The reason for this is to give us extra time to be able to process all the applications.  


Dream Foundation uses 3 types of deadlines:

  • Pre-deadline – if possible, this is the time when we advise you to apply as it gives you enough time to get everything done.
  • Main deadline - this is the main deadline for the country and applying by this deadline you should still have big choice and most of the courses open. Although, we don’t recommend to leave everything on the last minute, as the experience has showed that things need changing and there are also additional documents, processes that need to be taken care of, therefore you might just run out of time.
  • Additional deadline – is meant for late applicants and the admission is based on free places available. It might happen that you get the answer later and your favourite programme might be closed but it’s definitely still worth trying!


Here is an overview of the deadlines for the most popular countries for undergraduate studies (EU/EEA):




Main deadline

Additional deadline

England and Wales



01.02, 10.03, 1.04, 1.05, 1.06

Only if there are places left




01.04; 01.05; 01.06

Only if there are places left




01.04; 01.05; 01.06

Only if there are places left





After submitting your application first time, Dream Foundation charges an application fee to cover the administrative costs. With this fee you can submit applications normally for up to 4 courses. You will receive an invoice shortly after the application has been submitted and will find the payment details there.


Please make sure to select the correct country or region when initiating your application. This ensures that the invoice will be issued in the correct currency and amount.


  Application fee English language test (TESA)
  €30* €30**
  more information »


NB! We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia. 

* The application fee depends on your citizenship and the region you are applying from. 

** Dream Foundation English language test (TESA) is available only in limited countries.

For further information please contact your nearest Dream Foundation office. 

What does the application fee include?

The application fee includes the following:

  • With a single application fee you can apply for several courses from different institutions using our electronic application form, however we do recommend to choose not more than 3-4 courses from maximum 2 countries.
  • The fee covers all document handling costs. We will prepare all the necessary paperwork and send it to the institutions so you don't have to worry about all the details.
  • The application fee includes support and advice throughout the whole process.
  • Depending on the county there may also be some additional activities held that are included in the application fee, for example pre-departure meetings etc.

NB! All consultations are free of charge and we are always happy to help you in the choosing process. In addition Dream Foundation organises different study abroad events. If you feel that you would like to find out more about different study abroad possibilities, contact us! 

If you have already found some interesting programmes then just fill the application. After submitting the application the system will automatically issue you an invoice and meanwhile we will look through your data, check for any errors or problems and if needed give you feedback. 

What is the advantage code?

Dream Foundation hands out special promotional coupons on different events, fairs or promotes the code through different other channels. If you have received one of such codes, your application fee will be lower. You can enter the code while submitting the application.

How do I pay the fees?

After your application is successfully submitted, you will be issued an invoice concerning the application fee and the language test fee. Both fees are usually grouped together on a single invoice that you can pay according to the payments methods available in your region. Your application will be forwarded to the institution(s) as soon as the invoice is paid.

If you want to re-take the language test, you will receive a separate invoice. Please note that on the primary language test day, your test will not be available if you haven't paid your invoice. If you are late with your payment, consult with your regional representative about a possible cash payment on the spot.