What is Dream Foundation?

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We all have dreams – some of us want to travel the world, others dream of a nice home and a loving family, third ones think about changing the world with new inventions. Studying abroad is also something that many people dream about as it has become an important part of nowadays education.


In Dream Foundation we believe that everyone should have a possibility to study in a foreign university and our goal is to make the whole application process easy, affordable and convenient.


Through Dream Foundation it is possible to enrol to more than 50 universities in Europe that offer around 4000 full-time study programs in English. You can find many interesting programmes, study locations and universities offering different teaching methods. And we strive to make the choice even wider. All our partner institutions have been previously thoroughly assessed to ensure the quality of studies.


Dream Foundation was established in 2008 and has grown during the years to a successful cross-European study abroad organisation. Today we operate in 10 different European countries and during the years we have helped nearly 3000 people to start their studies abroad.


Most of the people in our team have a foreign experience themselves and after returning to their home country, have wanted to help also others. Therefore, you can say that they are real fans of studies abroad and are more than happy to consult and help everyone interested!


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 Which principles we follow in everyday activities?

  • Going to study abroad should be easy and affordable so that as many people as possible would be able to take advantage of the great opportunities they have.
  • There is a suitable study programme and university for everyone according to their interest, academic results and level of English. We are happy to help you finding the right one!
  • Going to study abroad should be a positive and life-changing experience, therefore we have put a lot of effort in assessing and choosing our partner universities. You will find from Dream Foundation’s choice many great programmes and only accredited universities!
  • Cooperation with different organizations is something we value highly in order to introduce different possibilities of going abroad and support those who are going. 

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