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MScClinical Pharmacology

University of Surrey United Kingdom, Guildford, Surrey
Tuition fee £1,385.00 per credit hour

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Clinical pharmacology is a medical scientific discipline concerned with the study of therapeutic or diagnostic substances to help establish the theoretical and practical basis for their rational clinical application.

A full understanding of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic behaviour optimises evaluation in therapeutic clinical trials and post-registration use in the treatment and/or diagnosis of disease. The awards qualify an individual as having received postgraduate training suitable for senior scientific and clinical posts within clinical pharmacology.

The programme is designed to:

• Give a greater understanding of clinical pharmacology

• Provide evidence of specialisation, which is increasingly required under EU legislation

• Demonstrate proficiency across the whole field of clinical pharmacology through a system of continuous assessment

The programme enables you to gain a wider perspective and the critical evaluation skills relating to medicine design and conduct of clinical trials (nationally and internationally).

The part-time and modular nature of the programme is well suited to busy people with additional work commitments, allowing a flexible rate of attendance (one to four modules per year).

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Aug 1, 2017
Feb 1, 2017 23:59 (GMT)

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Primary deadline
Aug 1, 2017 23:59 (GMT)

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.