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BSc HonsHuman Resource Management

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Human Resources Management offers a wide range of exciting careers.
It is developing fast as a key discipline in emerging economies such
as China, India and Central Europe, and there are job opportunities
worldwide. Our recent graduates have pursued careers in HRM both
nationally and internationally.

From stage one you will be introduced to our professional body the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to learn about
the opportunities available. You will also be supported throughout the
course in your job search.

During this course you will:

  • Have an opportunity to really understand how HRM works with other
    business disciplines, while

developing the specialist knowledge you need to start your career

  • Work with lecturers who are active in the CIPD, the professional
    body for HR, and undertake both consultancy and research. In practice,
    this means that you are being taught new knowledge not just textbook
  • Gain an international outlook resulting from the diverse
    backgrounds of our staff and students
  • Benefit from excellent teaching and learning facilities, giving
    you practical and transferable business skills

Areas of study you may cover on this course include:

  • Human resources development
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • International business
  • Strategic management
  • Practical HRM


Career opportunities


The Business School offers courses on behalf of the Chartered
Management Institute and the Institute of Leadership and Management as
well as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The
nationally recognised professional organisations all provide career
management information and networks. The Centre for Personal and
Career Development is available to support and advise all student.
Master level qualifications can be studied both on a full time or a
part time basis.

It is important that we stress that we plan to integrate personal,
academic and career development within the course and you as a
professional learner will feel better equipped to make relevant
decisions and moves in line with your personal and career goals.



We would encourage our graduates to enter a career track leading to a
professional HR position although of course other roles in
organisations in any sector would not be discouraged. To this end we
would leverage our relationships with local businesses as well as the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to provide
opportunities for networking. The Field Chair is responsible for
co-ordinating such activities although the onus remains with you as
the student. The University also provides excellent support for career

We seek to develop an appetite and ambition for lifelong learning.
When you complete the BSc you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the core knowledge bases of Business,
    Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at national and
    international level
  • Critically debate major theoretical and practical issues relevant
    to the study and management of people in the workplace
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the contemporary workplace and
    management dilemmas
  • Be able to apply a range of business and management skills and
    knowledge to the workplace context and environment
  • Understand, debate and use as a basis for decision making, the
    factors which influence human resource policy and planning, management
    and development in a variety of sectoral and national and
    international contexts
  • Demonstrate their research and problem solving abilities by
    critically understanding methods of acquiring, interpreting and
    analysing information appropriate to the study of workplace and
    management issues
  • Understand and demonstrate a critical awareness of the moral,
    ethical, environmental and legal issues which underpin best practice
    considerations in people management
  • Express themselves fluently both in written and verbal form to a
    level, which will enhance employment prospects and general personal
  • Be able to work in teams to address business issues at a local and
    global level
  • Initiate and plan academic research projects on workplace and
    organisational issues by exploiting the knowledge and competence base
    acquired during the course
  • Identify and evaluate factors of concern to marginalised groups in
    contemporary organisations (e.g. equal opportunities, diversity

Further study:

  • Masters level courses
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) professional
  • Various professional management development courses e.g. Chartered
    Management Institute diploma
Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States