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BSc HonsHealth Psychology

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The applied nature of the course allows you to develop skills that
will appeal to future employers in areas of behaviour change and
public health, as well as in non-health-related fields such as
clinical, educational, forensic, prison and occupational psychology,
business and personnel, research, training, teaching and the NHS.

The BSc (Hons) Health Psychology is an accredited course with the
British Psychological Society (BPS). On successful completion of the
course you will be in a position to apply to the BPS for Graduate
Basis of Registration. This is the first step towards becoming a
Chartered Psychologist.

During this course you will:

  • Learn from lecturers who are international experts in their own
    fields and practitioners in different aspects of health psychology
  • Benefit from the many textbooks and cutting-edge research these
    lecturers have written and been involved in
  • Benefit from the ongoing training we offer, from degree level all
    the way through to Chartered status

Areas of study you may cover on this course include:

  • Anatomy, physiology and health
  • Cognitive, social developmental and applied health psychology
  • Counselling and coaching
  • Intervention design and health behaviour change
  • Biological psychology and neuropsychology
  • Mental health


Career opportunities


The degree aims to provide an understanding of real life applications
of theory to experience and behaviour in both normality and illness.
This aim is built in to the course.

Furthermore, you will encounter a range of examples of the
application of psychology relevant to a future career in psychology or
in a profession where such knowledge and skills acquired during the
degree would be useful. Given the nature of the degree, the emphasis
will be on careers in Health psychology. Throughout the course you
will have lectures and workshops given by the Centre for Personal and
Career Development.

The Psychology Division works closely with the Centre for Personal
and Career Development and embedded into the curriculum at all levels
you will engage in career development activities. At level 1 you will
be introduced to a model of personal and career development based on
the SOAR (Kumar, 2007) model and underpinned by career development
theories. You will be introduced to career management skills and
taught how to construct an e-portfolio to use throughout your degree
to record your academic development, self reflection and career
aspirations. At each level your e-portfolio will be submitted for

At level 2 you will consider the psychological and social factors
that have impacted on your developing academic and professional
identity. You will investigate the links between personality and
career choice together with advice on communicating effectively to
employers such as writing a CV. You will also be asked to think about
the relationship between your future level 3 dissertation topic and
how it might support your career choice. We hold a Going Professional
Conference with invited speakers from a range of professions in
Psychology plus Psychology graduates.

Working with the Centre of Personal and Career Development at level 3
you will have the opportunity to engage in practical careers workshops
to enhance your interview skills and to produce a high quality your
CV, and personal statement.


Further study:

There are a range of postgraduate study opportunities open to you for
career paths in clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, prison,
occupational psychology, health psychology, business and personnel,
research training, teaching and the Health Service.

The Psychology Division offers taught masters programmes in Health
Psychology (accredited by the BPS), Psychological Approaches to Health
and Management, and Organisational Psychology.


On completing this course students are likely to progress into the
following areas:

  • Public services (such as, the health service, education, the Civil
  • Assistant psychologist
  • Research
  • Market research
  • Personnel Management
  • Police Force
  • Postgraduate study leading towards working as a professional
    psychologist, for example working as a clinical or educational

You will develop a sound training in subject specific skills and
knowledge, together with the skills required for lifelong learning so
you will be well prepared for a range of careers. There is an emphasis
on the applied nature of health psychology that will help you to
develop your understanding of real life applications of theory to a
range of experiences and behaviours that will assist you in your
career choice.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States