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BACreative Technologies

Tuition fee €18,200 per year


If the Student (and his/her family) has been resident in a country belonging to the European Union for at least 3 years and the income is produced within the European Union, the fee can be adjusted to the economic and asset conditions of the student’s original and de facto family.

Income brackets for Feb 2020/2021 intake are the following:

Income Bracket – Household income -Tuition fee per academic year (regional tax included)

6th Income Bracket - Over Euro 150,000 – € 18.200
5th Income Bracket - Up to Euro 150,000 – € 16.600
4th Income Bracket - Up to Euro 130,000 – € 13.980
3th Income Bracket - Up to Euro 100,000 – € 12.040
2nd Income Bracket – Up to Euro 70,000 – € 8.840
1st Income Bracket – Up to Euro 45,000 – € 7.000

More information

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The programme introduces students to the world of the CGI, through the design of VFX for audiovisual productions, the design of 3D characters and environments, and the game design. The BA is characterized by a significant design work and workshops attitude and delves deeply into the contemporary multimedia and digital production. Great attention is paid to the VR, MX and Virtual Production experimentations.

Over the BA, students will have the opportunity to:

- Produce Visual Effects
- Create 3D characters and environments
- Design video games
- Use innovative techniques and technologies (Mocap, AI, Virtual Production)

Career opportunities

Specialisations: your academic career

Addresses the theoretical and practical bases of digital video production: shooting techniques for green screen sets, compositing, 3D assets management and live-action shooting, color correction, VFX supervision.

3D Design
The specialisation develops the professional use of digital technologies used in 3D modelling, lighting and shading, rigging, keyframe and Mocap animation, photogrammetry, render.

Game Development
It provides students with the technical and cognitive elements for the advanced game design and with skills in interactive prototyping of functional scripts for the main game engines.

Kick-off your career. Among the career opportunities:

- Technical artist
- Creative technologist
- VFX supervisor
- Compositor
- 3D artist
- Game developer
- Character designer
- Colorist
- CGI animator
- VR specialist
- Rigger
- Shader artist
- Interaction designer

Apply now! Spring semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Spring semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States