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Language is fundamental to our thoughts, our relationships, and our civilisations. Through language, we transmit knowledge, from inviting someone for coffee, to promoting the latest scientific theory, to settling global political disputes.

If you’re a high achiever with an A-level grade B in a major language, this four-year course is for you. You integrate your undergraduate and postgraduate studies into one course, graduating with an Integrated Masters in Modern Languages in four years, rather than five if the courses are taken separately.

You specialise in at least two modern languages, studying one to our highest Mastery level. Language study is combined from the third year with translation, interpreting and subtitling skills. Your progress will depend on reaching target grades each year with first class work expected.

In your first and second years, you study practical and thematic language modules to develop your language skills. French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish can be studied to Mastery level, with Mandarin Chinese taken as an option. These languages are all widely used in the business world and many of our graduates have developed successful global careers with international firms.

Your third year is spent studying abroad with modules taken in language and translation. You carry out research relating to translation, interpreting and subtitling for your year abroad project, supported by your supervisor. This independent research project develops your ability to conduct research, work with complex sources of information in your chosen language and employ research methods. You also develop your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills and expand your linguistic and translation skills and communication proficiency in your chosen language. The project is the culmination of both your undergraduate studies and preparation for your final year where you take postgraduate modules.

In addition to the language skills you develop, you explore themes relating to global cultures, history, and politics to gain in-depth knowledge of the countries where the languages you’re studying are spoken.

Programme structure

Year 1

Language Expert 1
Language Expert 2
Advanced French (optional)
Lower Intermediate Italian (optional)
Careers and Employability Skills for Languages and Linguistics
Advanced Spanish (optional)

Year 2

Language Expert 3
Proficiency Level French (optional)
Proficiency Level Spanish (optional)
Lower Intermediate Italian (optional)
Careers and Employability Skills for Languages and Linguistics

Study abroad

Unique to this course is your third year abroad project, which you carry out under supervision from an Essex academic.

During this year, you study abroad at one of the prestigious universities with which we have a link relating to the study of translation, learning your chosen language in a country where the language is spoken. You continue to study translation modules relevant to your course while conducting your own research for a translation studies project.

Since you’re not based at Essex for this time, the fee for this year of study is £1,350.

If you spend a full year abroad you’ll only pay 15% of your usual tuition fee to Essex for that year. You won’t pay any tuition fees to your host university

Final year

Principles of Translation and Interpreting
Technologies of Translation
Translation Portfolio I (French) (optional)
Interpreting Practice I (French) (optional)
Subtitling: Principles and Practice
Translation Portfolio II (French) (optional)
Interpreting Practice II (French) (optional)

Career opportunities

Companies and organisations in the UK and abroad are struggling to find university graduates who are fluent in at least one other language, apart from English.

Being an Essex modern languages graduate places you in a very advantageous position. You will be able to speak and write fluently, or to a very competent standard, in up to four languages. Language skills are in scarce supply and can be used in almost any job.

Alongside skills in translation, interpreting and subtitling, you also gain key employability skills such as researching and writing for specific purposes.

Our graduates are successful in a wide variety of career paths. They leave Essex with a unique set of skills and experience that are in demand by employers. Some become teachers, translators, administrators and journalists. Their valued language, translation, interpreting and subtitling skills have enabled them to work in diverse fields including banking, entertainment, media, education and tourism, as well as for a host of UK and international companies. In particular, this degree lends itself to a career in education, translation, interpretation, trade, PR, communications, immigration or diplomacy.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States