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Higher education in Sweden
Studying in Sweden is different. Swedish universities have an open climate, with a strong focus on group work. This will give you valuable skills for the future. The global job market values ambitious, innovative and perceptive team players. Swedish universities foster these qualities through a forward-thinking culture where you’re close to the latest ideas and trends.

Swedish master’s degree programmes offer unique opportunities to turn theory into practice. Many programmes also cooperate closely with the industry, offering students the possibility to mix study and practical work. This gives you distinct advantages over your peers when entering the job market.

Why study in Sweden?
•    NO tuition fees for EU citizens.
•    High quality of education and research with a student-focused education system.
•    A safe and modern country where English is spoken widely.
•    International study environment with many study programs offered in English.
•    In 2010, the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the 2nd most competitive country in the world.
•    Tight cooperation between universities and companies.

NB! If you are interested in applying to Sweden, contact us for details as the Swedish application process and requirements tend to be more complicated. We are happy to explain the whole process and help you with all the paperwork.  


Higher education in Belgium 

Belgium's institutions of higher education are renowned worldwide and hold their own in the authoritative rankings compiled by the Financial Times and the Times Higher Education magazine. They have also developed an external quality assurance system in addition to regular self-assessments. Add their close ties with the business community, expert lecturers and modest tuition fees, and it's difficult to match Belgium's educational price-quality ratio anywhere else in the world.

Why study in Belgium?
•    The higher education is recognised around the world.
•    Brussels, the capital of Belgium is a truly extraordinary city, where the European institutions rub shoulders with the major international organisations.
•    Higher education is financed to a very large extent by the public authorities and EU citizens have to pay just registration fee.
•    Wide choice of different programmes. 
•    Multicultural study environment and possibility to study in English and French.



Austria is a beautiful country with a great cultural heritage, located in the heart of Europe. It is the home of Mozart, Klimt, Freud, and “The Sound of Music”. Austria’s snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers and historic cities like Vienna and Salzburg attract tourists from all over the world. The economy is very much export orientated and the standard of living is high. The national language is German, but most people speak some English.

Why study in Austria?
•    NO tuition fees.
•    Possibility to study both in German and English.
•    Different grant possibilities. 
•    Wide choice of programmes.
•    University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is the largest university of applied sciences in Austria.