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MAPeace Studies

University of Bradford
United Kingdom, Bradford
Tuition fee £13,500 per year
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Peace Studies is a field of social science focused on the multilevel study of violence and conflict in a complex and increasingly inter-dependent world.

The MA Peace Studies programme focuses on the multi-level study of violence and conflict in a complex and increasingly interdependent world.

Our course includes exploration and analysis of the converging crises of our times, from inter-state and civil wars; to state and non-state violence; to terrorism; to poverty, inequality and marginalisation; to the ethical implications of scientific and technological progress; to new forms of governance and international regimes for addressing arms proliferation, climate change and world poverty; to civic participation and democratic innovation; to social movements and global activism; and to exploring social differences around gender, class, race, ethnicity and their implications for building equitable human interactions.

Our research is founded on an understanding that no single discipline on its own is sufficient to comprehend the dynamics of issues as complex as war, world hunger, sustainable development and social justice, or problems as challenging as negotiating our differences in culture and belief.

You will acquire subject-specific knowledge and understanding of:

- The theories and concepts of peace and conflict and their application to global, regional and local contexts
- The emergence, nature and significance of peace studies as a distinct field of academic enquiry
- The main concepts in the field and their application to contemporary issues

Programme structure

Modules: © = Core, (O) = Option

Semester 1 (60 Credits – 1 x © Module and 2 x (O) Modules):

Introduction to Peace Studies (20 Credits) ©
Arms Trade and Arms Control (20 Credits) (O)
Conflict Resolution Theory (20 Credits) (O)
Fragile States and the Security-development Nexus (20 Credits) (O)
International Politics and Security Studies (20 Credits) (O)
Introduction to African Politics (20 Credits) (O)
Religions, Conflict and Peacemaking in a Post-secular World (20 Credits) (O)

Semester 2 (60 Credits – 1 x © Module and 2 x (O) Modules):

Cities in Conflict (20 Credits) ©
Africa Study Visit (20 Credits) (O)
African Security Studies (20 Credits) (O)
Applied Conflict Resolution Skills (20 Credits) (O)
Gender, Conflict and Development (20 Credits) (O)
Natural Resource Governance (20 Credits) (O)
Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (20 Credits) (O)
Regional and Global Security Politics (20 Credits) (O)
Social Movements (20 Credits) (O)
The Authoritarian Challenge to Democracy (20 Credits) (O)

End of Semester 2 onwards (60 Credits – 1 x © Module):

Career opportunities

Our programme graduates typically follow careers in education, diplomacy, government, work with non-governmental organisations, in journalism and in peace-related and mediation work.

Apply now! Fall semester 2020/21
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Studies commence
Sep 20, 2020

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States