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MADance Performance and Choreography

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This course is designed to equip you with a variety of skills
appropriate for careers in performance, choreography, teaching,
leadership, consultancy, and portfolio careers in dance.

During the course you will:

  • Explore the disciplines of both choreography and performance,
    while enjoying the option of focusing a greater area of your attention
    on one or the other
  • Be encouraged to see yourself as a collaborative artist, skilled
    dance technician and creative capable of independent production and
    the management of choreographic practice

Areas of study you may cover on this course include:

  • Dance technique and performance
  • Choreographic practice
  • Practice-led research methodology
  • Somatic practices
  • Critical issues in dance
  • Dance and performance psychology
  • Collaborative practices


Career opportunities


The course foregrounds your development as a professionally equipped
and skilled dance practitioner and scholar, who is realistically able
to pursue a range of career options in dance, and in wider creative
and cultural industries. Additionally, it focuses on developing your
reflective, enterprising and independent management skills as an
underpinning for future self sufficiency and career longevity.

In recent years significant research has been conducted into issues
concerning graduate employment in dance and the creative arts
industries. The Academy Subject Centre for Performing Arts, PALATINE,
and Arts Council England, have both produced influential and detailed
publications on dance ecology and infrastructure, including; Susan
Burns Mapping Dance: Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice in
Dance Higher Education (2007) PALATINE, and Burns and Harrisons
sponsored report; Dance Mapping: A Window on Dance (2008) ACE. You
will make use of such publications in the course as a key resource in
gaining currency and knowledge of the professional field.

Career management information is offered to you as part of the course
at Induction, where you will attend an introduction to the Universitys
Centre for Personal and Career Development, and be made aware of the
support services they can offer. These include; one-to-one careers
advisory sessions, online tools to develop your career management
skills, assistance with constructing and editing CVs, interview
techniques, opportunities for volunteering and work placements, and
job searches.

The course has a professional focus and you will be expected to
demonstrate equivalent and relevant professional skills and attitudes
throughout. You will utilise these skills to enable you to design and
manage academic and creative projects, and be responsible for critical
assessment of the outcomes against intended goals. These learning
opportunities reflect professional working contexts and expectations,
and demand ambitious and sustained scrutiny on your part as
preparation for future roles in project management and delivery.

The course is staffed by academics whose career profiles include
Internationally significant roles practice led researcher, dance and
theatre performance, choreography, dance education and dance science.
Additionally your learning experience is enriched through invitations
to guest artists and visiting lecturers to contribute in their areas
of particular specialism to the course. The work of the staff team
therefore extends into a range of elite, vocational and recreational
settings and it is anticipated that you will be able to take advantage
of opportunities to engage in this professional network through, for
example, roles as research assistants and performers. This opportunity
builds and extends your knowledge and access to professional contacts
and is an important resource in developing professional profile.


The course prepares you for the following career options:

  • Performer: independent/freelance dance artist, focusing on
    independent practice and small/middle scale touring work
  • Interdisciplinary Performance Practitioner: collaborative and
    interdisciplinary performance work, self-generated movement-based
  • Choreographer: independent dance maker/artist, choreographer to
    specific brief and/or group/project, collaborative artist in
    interdisciplinary projects
  • Educator: lecturer/teacher/leader in a range of formal HE, FE and
    schools context, in addition to freelance work in wider community and
    professional environments
  • Independent Portfolio Worker in the Creative Industries:
    consultant and researcher
  • Screen-based Performance: performer in film/video industry,
    commercial sector, independent film production

Further study:

This course primarily aims to prepare students for employment in the
dance and performing arts sectors, but the award enables students to
continue studies to Doctoral level, and/or to pursue ongoing training
and continuing professional development in a diverse range of
associated somatic, performative and teaching contexts.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States