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The role of the contemporary fashion photographer is shifting. The photographer must now understand the progression of the subject and the growing interdisciplinarity between the still and the moving image. The course is suited to those who come from all areas of communication studies, fine arts, advertising, styling and technical photography, who see the world of fashion as a career opening and opportunity. Critical awareness of these powerful platforms of communication will be looked at in photographic and film-making theory as well as applying advanced technical skills in the formulation of a professional portfolio of projects.
The course presents a multidisciplinary learning structure, which allows participants to develop the various skills needed to carry out reliable projects with professional characteristics. Using technical experimentation, cultural content and research, the course will train participants to bring to their future profession of fashion photographer and film director an approach that represents the soul and identity of a fashion brand.

Participants will apply the technical and cultural content delivered during their training to the proposed projects in the studio, learning to negotiate and plan in detail the implementation of a photo shoot and a fashion film. This job requires participants to search for a location or a photo studio to develop the use of light and colour, and to have the sensibility to ‘capture’ the subject to be photographed and filmed, respecting the mood and theme of the creative proposal. For this purpose, Istituto Marangoni signed a partnership with Superstudio 13, the world’s most famous photographic studio. Sartorial fashion shoots take place here at the first and most popular fully equipped studio. Founded in 1983, it is a privileged iconic place and gathering centre for photographers, art directors, editors, stylists and creatives. It has contributed to the growth of the fashion world and it is the place where the most exciting campaigns and the best photographic services are born. At the close of the course, all the participants will present a portfolio book and the fashion films that express their individual approach and aspirations in a professional manner.

Programme structure

Course themes

- history of fashion photography and film
- theory and technique of photography and moving image
- sociology of the fashion image
- photographic studio
- film studio

Career opportunities

The fashion photographer and fashion film director defines technical skills and cognitive needs that arise from the continuous development of the fashion industry. This professional figure works closely with a brand at each level in order to realise on the one hand fashion films and on the other advertising campaigns, lookbooks, catalogues and window displays, and coordinates the creation of photo editorials, both printed and online, with the chief editor of a fashion magazine. The contemporary fashion photographer and film director work with a team, discussing and integrating the work of other professionals such as fashion stylists, make-up artists and art directors for the creation of work charged with aesthetic content.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States