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MScAccounting and Management

University of Southampton
United Kingdom, Southampton
Tuition fee £18,500 per year
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The MSc Accounting and Management is designed for those students who wish to gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts underlying accounting and management in order to gain understanding of the central issues of management. It is intended to fill the gap between very general programmes like the traditional MBA or MSc Management and specialist programmes in topics such as Accounting and Finance. This programme will not require a prior knowledge of accounting or management.

The programme will provide you with the knowledge, insight and experience across a range of accounting and management disciplines as well as a greater understanding between these disciplines in contemporary organisations. The Programme structure also allows students to study in depth in a particular area such as accounting, finance or organisational management; or to broaden their knowledge in other areas such as marketing or risk.

The programme is appropriate for participants who intend to follow a career in business and management or in accounting. It is particularly useful for graduates from other disciplines who wish to know more about a range of managerial and accounting subjects before deciding on a career path.

Programme structure

From an academic perspective you can study a range of Management subjects to provide you with the key skills that are necessary for a modern business environment but also develop your Accounting skills in much more depth that would be possible through studying a MSc Management or MBA course. The exposure to two units in Financial and Management Accounting in semester 1 with the ability to study one of these to a more advanced level in semester 2 means that you can elect that stream of Accountancy that appeals to you most once you have experienced the subject. You will have a number of optional courses offered to you from a range of Management, Accounting and Finance units which enable you to focus on areas that are of interest to you.

From a career perspective, this MSc Accounting and Management masters degree will not only provide you with the skills of modern management, but the study of accountancy will ensure that you are able to comprehend the significance of good accounting advice when it is provided to you. You should also feel more confident about discussing this with qualified accountants working within your organisation when important strategic decisions are being debated.

The MSc Accounting & Management, with a range of options to tailor the MSc as you wish, provides you with pathways into careers that would normally be available to MSc Accounting & Finance students or MSc Management students. The blend of Accounting and Management provides you with a MSc that offers the best of both worlds.

Full-time study on the MSc Accounting and Management course follows a schedule of half-day teaching blocks. A single module, for example, will be taught over six half-days, usually the same half-day each week e.g. six consecutive Monday mornings and half modules are taught over three half-days. Module teaching blocks will be scheduled on different half-days so that students will study several modules during the same period .

Teaching takes place during the autumn, spring and summer terms with a few modules scheduled for evenings and the Easter vacation. These will usually be the optional modules but this is not guaranteed. Formal examinations take place in January and May/June each year at the end of each semester. If you pass the module assessments to a satisfactory standard you are permitted to continue work until September leading to the submission of an MSc dissertation.

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We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

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Sep 20, 2020

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