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BA (Hons)Business Studies and Information Technology Management for Business

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United Kingdom, Chichester
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The programme is designed to develop proactive graduates who will be equipped to gain appropriate and rewarding employment and make an immediate and on-going contribution within the workplace. As such they will be proficient in a team environment, have acquired skills that will enable them to reflect upon a problem or situation and identify appropriate strategies, and have the confidence and capability to allow them to develop as life-long learners.
The programme combines the multidisciplinary nature of business studies provision together with the development of specific IT skills. Rapid change in the role and skills of IT professionals is placing growing demands on new graduates in the workplace. Increasingly IT-related
degrees must comprise of business, technology, personal skills and project work. It is anticipated that many of the students upon graduation from this course will either work within, or closely with, departments responsible for the development and management of a business’ information systems. Additionally, there is a focus on the development of students’ intellectual and practical skills that will support them both as learners and as future managers.

Distinctive Features:

 Approaching the implementation and management of IT from the business rather than the computer science perspective.
 In place of traditional large group lectures, student-centric workshop based learning activities are central to the delivery of the programme.
 Emphasis on the personal development of students within a supportive environment that enables students to master challenges and achieve goals
 Vocational focus to the programme underpinned with authentic assessment tasks and project based learning.
 Projects undertaken for external organisations and businesses.

The Programme aims to:

 combine a coherent, broad based programme of study of business organisations and their management within the context of a changing external environment alongside a focus that considers the application and impact of information systems and technology on organisations together with their implementation and management;
 develop self aware, reflective students who take responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate a responsibility to fellow learners;
 develop a range of intellectual and practical skills that will enable graduates to add-value within the work place;
 provide assessment and project based tasks that allows students to apply knowledge and skills appropriately within an authentic context;
 provide the educational foundation that is relevant to further study and lifelong learning;
 create a learning environment where professional standards are expected, but at the same time recognises that learning is challenging and appropriate support is provided both by staff and fellow learners.

Programme structure

For those students undertaking a professional placement route, the 48-Week professional placement will occur between levels 2 (FHEQ5) and 3 (FHEQ6.

Credit Level 3 (FHEQ6)
Modules Programme

Developing an Information Strategy
Management Project/Personal Study
Critical Issues in Managing the Information
Services Organisation
One from the following two modules:
Corporate Finance
Marketing Communications
Strategic Human Resource Management

Work-based Learning or two from the following three modules:
Small Business Enterprise
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Contemporary Issues in E-Business

Credit Level 2 (FHEQ5)
Modules Programme

Analysing and Improving Website Design and Performance
Business Research
Project Management
Developing Real Systems for Customers
Financial Decision Making
Human Resource Management
Option module
Option module*
*If registered on Professional Placement then the
Preparation for Internship module must be taken
as an option module

Credit Level 1 (FHEQ4)
Modules Programme

Business Decision Making
Management and Organisations
Programming for the Web
Working with Others and Developing Self A
Business Information Systems
Introduction to Marketing
Option module

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Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING applications from NON-EU countries, except Georgia and Serbia.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States